Class Content

Music Together® classes meet once a week and run for approximately 45 minutes.  A wide variety of activities are explored during class including finger plays, small and large motor movement.  Age-appropriate rhythm instruments such as egg shakers, rhythm sticks, and wrist jingle bells provide an opportunity for children to explore making music on their own.  Some props, such as scarves and play balls, help foster music development in a fun and stimulating way.  A free dance followed by a play along jam with a variety of other instruments(tambourines, cymbals, wood blocks, castanets, triangles, etc.) provide a rousing exhilarating experience.  Class ends with a beautiful lullaby followed by the Goodbye song.  All of this happens with parents and caregivers singing, dancing, and laughing in support of their children making their own music.

Mixed Age Groups

Children ages infant to five years of age and their parent/caregiver