Music Together of Northern Westchester.  Now in our 18th year!

One of the most exciting things a parent can experience is when their child begins to walk and talk. Now imagine the joy it would be to hear your child begin to sing and dance and respond to music that the two of you make together. All children are musical. It's a birthright that every child possesses.

Have you ever wondered what you can do to nurture the musical growth of your child, regardless of your own musical ability?

Did you also know that by the time a child is three years old their brains are 90% fully grown and developed. Music Together® supports all facets of childhood development; physical,cognitive, social, emotional and language. Experience Music Together and find out how important--and how fun--your role can be! Enrollment for the summer semester, beginning June 19 is now open. With your participation our Music Together classes build on your child's natural enthusiasm for music and movement. We'll help you provide your child with the basic musical skills needed to enjoy school and social musical activities. Please contact us at or 914 788-1559 for any questions you might have. Come join us for fun, music and laughter with the most wonderful people in the world, your children!

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Summer Registration Open

  Want to experience the joy of Music Together?  Join us for a free preview class!  It's fun!    Registration for the summer semester, beginning June 19, is now open. Join us for music, fun, laughter, joy and delight!

Address; Music Together of Northern Westchester - 15 Covert St. - Montrose, NY 10548
Phone 914 788-1559